Residential and Commercial Screens with Built in Escape Systems!

Security Co Emergency escape security screens are becoming more essential as total home security measures increase. In some instances, the security screens that you fit to keep intruders outside could actually keep you inside in the event of a fire or emergency situation.

Security Co Emergency Escape Window Security Screens provide simple, keyless, one handed unlocking of the window security screen from the inside. Once unlocked, the security screen then hinges or slides open to allow a path of escape.

New homes and renovations of today often incorporate large windows as features in the overall design of the home. To cover these windows in conventional security grilles would seriously detract from the visual appeal of the home and as a result of this, security was often not an option. The minimal frame dimensions of Security Co screens ensure that maximum viewing area is retained, this is further enhanced by the clarity of vision through the 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel Mesh.

An additional benefit of fitting a Security Co. screen to your window is the ease of cleaning and in the case of accidental breakage, replacement of the window glass.

Your home remains secure from intruders whilst providing an easy escape path when necessary.

Security Co Emergency Escape Window Security Screens are also available in the ALU-GARD mesh. With the strong aluminium perforated mesh it is approved to the Australians standard requirements.

Incorporating the unique patented EGP Retention System, Security Co Emergency Escape Window Security Screens can be custom manufactured to open Inwards, Outwards or as a Double Sliding configuration to fit many brands and styles of window. 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel Mesh is used in all Security Co. Stainless Steel Security Products and it is because of this Marine Grade Stainless Steel that Security Co. out performs all other stainless steel security products when it comes to corrosion resistance.

Product strength and performance are key factors in deciding which security screens to purchase. All Security Co. Emergency Escape Window Security Screens have been tested to Australian Standards AS5039-2003 so you can be assured that when choosing Security Co. , you are choosing the finest in Stainless Steel Security Products.